Hospitals and healthcare support

Helping you build, retain, & develop your healthcare team

Administrative support for your healthcare team

Whether you need new hires for your office administration, social workers, or maintenance team, we help you build the workforce to manage your healthcare facility.

Our recruiters are well versed in identifying the necessary requirements needed for each of your positions. From the many healthcare administration certifications and reporting experience, to interpersonal skills and technical trainings, we are practiced navigators for sourcing certified candidates.

Retention begins during healthcare hiring

Don’t stop at hard skills, as these qualifications aren’t always indicative of a good team fit. We want your new hires to stay for the long haul.

By using personality and behavioral assessments, we can better predict job performance and candidate fit through job description, managerial style, team dynamics, and company culture – putting you one step closer to improved retention.

This industry isn’t for everyone, so we ensure candidate’s behavioral profiles are aligned with the detail orientation, flexibility and urgency required for positions in your specific field.


Your healthcare team is susceptible to turnover & burnout

Seasonal illnesses, schedule conflicts, team building issues & disengagement can threaten the retention of your healthcare workforce. HTI’s premier labor strategies boost employee engagement & retention (which helps your bottom line).

Understand & align your team

Do you know where you stand with your current employees? Our review details your internal satisfaction levels and provides insights & action items. We set you up for success with short, mid, and long-term solutions.


Team building programs

Does your team struggle to manage conflict? Do your teammates feel comfortable sharing their ideas? How does your team support on another during times of stress?


We have not only learned a lot about ourselves and each other, we’ve learned how to collaborate, innovate, and communicate in ways that utilize our strengths

Client participant

Leadership skills to grow your team

Our client approached HTI focused on organizational development and trusted our experts to create custom strategies for their leaders. Discover how HTI boosted their engagement and collaboration through behavioral assessments, workshops, and personalized coaching.

Looking to build & develop your healthcare team?