Project management

Supporting you through every season of business

Project-based solutions

3rd party manufacturing

Are non-value added processes preventing you from focusing on your core competencies?
How are you monitoring KPI's to achieve continuous improvement?


Start ups & expansions

Comprehensive project plans from writing HR policies to hiring to branding – we’ve got you covered.



Are your exiting employees able to move smoothly through their career transition?
How can you maintain a stable brand reputation despite layoffs?


Ramp ups and seasonal spikes

Surges in demand can be a good problem to have. But without the right systems in place, these seasons can become frantic. How are you balancing hiring strategies, reporting and evolving process management?

HTI’s team of experts supports your business through any growing pains. Whether you need a temporary, seasonal workforce, building better KPI’s or staying compliant – we’ve got you covered.

HTI can lighten your load through the different phases of your business, so you can focus on what matters most.