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When you trust HTI to do more, to walk alongside you as a true partner, everyone benefits. But we're here to meet you where you are. Trust takes time. Where does it make sense to start our journey together?
Industrial Staffing

Where staffing meets strategy - With HTI, you gain a partner with proven experience recruiting and staffing a wide range of hiring projects. From short-term or seasonal staffing needs, to large-volume, greenfield start-ups or line expansions, we’ve got you covered and understand that flexibility and scalability are top of mind.

Industrial Staffing
Professional Recruiting

Sourced, screened, submitted - you simply select the best fit. Co-ops, interns, skilled-hourly technicians and machinists, white-collar professionals and Executive search - Our robust intake processes and practices and innovative, cutting-edge sourcing and recruitment techniques propel top talent right to you.

Professional Recruiting
HR Services

Whether your needs are for supplemental HR support or completely outsourced HR management, we can act as a support system and extension of your team. Are your employees engaged and highly productive? Do you have compliant and effective hiring and onboarding policies and procedures? Are you building cohesive teams and a thriving culture?

HR Services
Training & Development

Employees cite career training and ongoing development as one of the most important drivers in the workplace. People want to perpetually sharpen their skills and understand what a career path could look like for them at your company. Some of our most popular programs include hiring manager training, leadership training and harassment training.

Training & Development
Greenfield Start-ups

Streamline the complexities with an unbiased advisor - the competitive landscape for labor, processes with state, city, and local incentives, expanding with capacity in a finite window. We have the resources, experience, and quality-focused standards to get you up and running on time and within budget. Whether it’s a small expansion or a greenfield start-up, HTI builds the processes and metrics to ensure success.

Greenfield Start-ups

People-centric prioritization doesn't stop when you have to make tough choices. Supply & demand, economic factors, and organizational shifts all have the potential to impact the workforce. Don't go through those tough decisions on your own. Partner with an expert and help your people land firmly on their feet.


By Industry

If it's people at work, it's HTI. Hiring and HR is a need for any employer - that's why we've spent years expanding our reach and have successful partnerships across many disciplines to show for it.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

We understand the unique regulatory requirements and skill sets needed in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that we attract and retain top-tier talent who are adept in GMP, FDA compliance, and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Our expertise in this niche sector allows us to deliver customized recruitment strategies and HR solutions that enhance productivity, compliance, and life-changing innovations.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing

The unique demands and skill requirements of the automotive industry are no mystery to us. Since 1999, we've helped auto manufacturers attract and retain top talent, proficient in lean manufacturing, quality control, and advanced production techniques. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver customized recruitment strategies and HR solutions that drive efficiency and innovation - all to boost your bottom line and propel you forward.

Automotive Manufacturing
Small Business

Small businesses often struggle with the complexities of hiring and HR management due to limited resources and lack of dedicated HR staff. Our HR and hiring services are designed to alleviate these challenges by providing expert solutions for recruiting top talent, managing compliance, and streamlining HR processes. We offer tailored support that allows you to focus on growing your business while we handle the intricacies of HR, ensuring your team is efficient, compliant, and well-supported.

Small Business
Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Your innovations impact a wide span of industries. We help you build a team with the flexibility & efficiency to keep up. Whether you need new hires for your assembly line, manufacturing design, quality assurance, packaging, or storage, we help you build teams and effective people management strategies to fuel your next innovation.

Consumer Goods Manufacturing

In the fast-paced healthcare industry, finding and retaining top talent is essential for exceptional patient care and operational excellence. HTI's HR and hiring services address the unique challenges healthcare providers face, including high turnover, stringent compliance, and the need for skilled professionals. We offer tailored staffing solutions and comprehensive HR management, ensuring your organization is staffed with dedicated, qualified personnel - so you can focus on delivering outstanding healthcare.


HTI is your trusted source for retention-focused, sustainable hiring & HR solutions

A holistic hiring and HR partner – we work alongside employers to attract and retain talent. We’re not interested in throwing people at openings. We’re interested in helping companies be employers of choice, a place people want to come to work.

We’re hyper-focused on hiring intentionally, improving the employee experience, training and developing leaders, and assisting employers from all industries to navigate HR practices and policies – all to drive our people-mission home and see our partners reach their highest potential.

HTI employee fingerprint with HTI job mobile

Leave an unmistakable mark

Just like a fingerprint – the brand mark of our business –  your organization, employees, and talent strategy aren’t like any other.

The fingerprint represented in our logo inspires everything that we do. People, like their distinctive prints, are fantastically unique – no two alike. People are the reason we get out of bed each and every day. We spend a third of our lives at work – so it’s vital that ‘work’ is a place that lifts us up, brings us fulfillment, and moves us all forward.

Our business is committed to threading that mindset into everything that we do – because when you invest in your people, your people invest in you. We are passionate about walking alongside employers to help them be a place that people want to show up and give their best, day in and day out.

Do any of these hit home?

People quit managers

Do your middle management and team leads understand their significant impact on employee retention?

Streamline your onboarding

Does it feel like you're constantly onboarding but making limited progress on labor needs?

Attract & hire efficiently

Does the balance of hiring the best people as fast as you can have you stumbling?

Move the needle

Are you trying to focus on growing your business and don't have the HR expertise to cover the essentials?

Downsize the right way

Are your exiting employees able to move smoothly through their career transition?

Maximize your ROI

Are non-value added processes preventing you from focusing on your core competencies?

Overcome labor shortages

Does absenteeism and overtime hours have your workforce strained?

Safety comes first

Are your safety efforts struggling to impact growing total case incidents?

Your employer brand is never what you say it is. It’s what your employees and candidates say it is.

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