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HTI is your trusted source for retention-focused, sustainable hiring & HR solutions

A holistic hiring and HR partner – we work alongside employers to attract and retain talent. We’re not interested in throwing people at openings. We’re interested in helping companies be employers of choice, a place people want to come to work.

We’re hyper-focused on hiring intentionally, improving the employee experience, training and developing leaders, and assisting employers from all industries to navigate HR practices and policies – all to drive our people-mission home and see our partners reach their highest potential.

How can we partner with you to best support your HR & hiring needs?

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Leave an unmistakable mark

Just like a fingerprint – the brand mark of our business –  your organization, employees, and talent strategy aren’t like any other.

HTI logo explanation

The abstract fingerprint reflected in our logo inspires everything that we do. People, like their distinctive prints, are fantastically unique – no two alike. People are the reason we get out of bed each and every day. We spend a third of our lives at work – so it’s vital that ‘work’ is a place that lifts us up, brings us fulfillment, and moves us all forward.

Our business is committed to threading that mindset into everything that we do – because when you invest in your people, your people invest in you. We are passionate about walking alongside employers to help them be a place that people want to show up and give their best, day in and day out.

Do any of these hit home?

People quit managers

Do your front-line leaders understand their significant impact on employee retention?

Streamline your onboarding

Does it feel like you're constantly onboarding but making limited progress on labor needs?

Attract & hire efficiently

Does the balance of hiring the best people as fast as you can have you stumbling?

Move the needle

Do you see the needs of your organization but don't know where to start?

Downsize the right way

Are your exiting employees able to move smoothly through their career transition?

Maximize your ROI

Are non-value added processes preventing you from focusing on your core competencies?

Overcome labor shortages

Does absenteeism and overtime hours have your workforce strained?

Safety comes first

Are your safety efforts struggling to impact growing total case incidents?

Your employer brand is never what you say it is. It’s what your employees and candidates say it is.

Jillian Einck

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