3rd party manufacturing

Maximize your core value

Staffing your project

From small projects to large-scale start-ups or expansions, we’ve got you covered. Our recruiting team is built to handle all of your staffing needs, and they are passionate about matching the right people to your workforce.

People-centric & results oriented

How HTI had a 4 month backlog shipping 2 days ahead of schedule

64% of businesses realize sales growth from strong customer service. But if you're struggling to deliver shipments to clients, your revenue and reputation will suffer. HTI can provide you custom warehousing and shipment solutions so your deliveries stay on track – even during seasonal spikes in demand.

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Saving your warehouse money with elevated precision & productivity

Warehousing logistics that improved client inventory accuracy above 98.5% and saved them an annual $400,000. Outsourcing warehouse functions allows your team to focus on innovation and growth. HTI can provide the workforce, training, and management of your warehousing projects. So you don't have to worry about labor needs, KPIs, or continuous improvement efforts - we've got you covered.

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3PL + Manufacturing = Reduced cost and time

Our 3rd Party Manufacturing (3PM) services provide cost savings while freeing up time from less essential operations such as:

Low cost/skill manufacturing areas, specialized technical projects, outsourced warehousing, quality augmentations, and quality based projects.

We deliver the labor for your project, as well as the supervision and management of a specific manufacturing cell. Our goal is lightening your load and we achieve that by taking on the responsibility of all output, key performance indicators, and continuous improvements.

Along with managing a third party workforce, we also uphold your KPIs for all non-core functions. From the reception of raw materials to product delivery, we provide cost savings while maintaining the quality of work.

Are non-value added processes preventing you from focusing on your core competencies?