Organizational Development

Level up your team with custom training programs

Engaged teams report higher profits for you business

The power of a dynamic & in sync team outweighs any singular top performer. But tapping into your team’s full potential can be challenging. Mastering the right managerial style, implementing strong communication practices, and balancing individual strengths is difficult.

HTI offers customizable courses designed to unlock your team’s potential and foster an engaged workforce. Whether you’re looking to develop your leaders, boost team morale, or improve overall company culture – we’re here to support your goals.

Do your leaders understand their significant impact on employee retention?

Lead the way program

This leadership course uses the Predictive Index to focus on intentionally developing your leaders, creating high performing teams, unlocking productivity, and boosting retention. Our experts have crafted a program that transcends the classroom and becomes ingrained in your everyday practices. Want to peek at our curriculum?

Your team building efforts directly affect your bottom line

Does your team struggle to manage conflict? Do different personality types clash during project executions? Do your teammates feel comfortable sharing their ideas? How does your team support one another during times of stress?

A truly connected team can:

• Seamlessly delegate projects
• Create, plan, and execute innovative ideas
• Masterfully navigate project timelines
• Challenge each other’s ideas and grow together

Our courses revolve around employee engagement, from holistic teams to individual members


These instructor-led courses help participants understand not only themselves but their teammates. Level up your department with the people data & best practices that enhance your collaboration and efficiency.

One-on-one coaching

We work with individual team members to dive into each person’s specific strengths and opportunities. With a true understanding of their unique motivations, we can maximize their success.

Small group

Train and retain new skills with our facilitated activities. Our experts use scenario-based learning, simulated environments, and team-based projects so you can practice what you’ve learned.

Leadership skills to grow your team

Our client wanted to focus on organizational development and trusted our experts to create custom strategies for their leaders.

Discover how HTI boosted their engagement and collaboration through behavioral assessments, workshops, and personalized coaching.

When you invest in your people, your people invest in you