Start-ups & expansions

Streamline the complexities with an unbiased advisor

We handle the details - so you can focus on the big picture

When opening a new facility or expanding an existing one, working with a partner who understands the complexities of a start up is critical –  the competitive landscape for labor, processes with state, city, and local incentives, expanding with capacity in a finite window.

We have the resources, experience, and quality-focused standards to get you up and running on time and within budget. Whether it’s a small expansion or a greenfield start-up, HTI builds the processes and metrics to ensure a successful project…anywhere in the US.


• Hourly and exempt hiring
• Requisition qualifying
• Pre-screening and selection tool management
• References, drug screens, background checks, etc.
• Completed submittal packets
• Offer management
• We hire: Production, Assembly, Forklift, Warehouse, Operators, Technicians, C-level, Engineers, Accountants, HR, Sales, Marketing


• AAP reporting
• Cost-per-hire
• Time-to-fill
• Corrective action and occurrence reporting
• Advertising reporting
• Completed file audit
• Customer service audit

Process management

• Management of recruiting process and budget
• Hiring Event management
• Recruiting plan management
• Advertising management
• Start date and orientation processing
• Offer routing

People-centric & results oriented

HTI's talent strategies saved ZF $1.5 million annually

Learn how we helped ZF ramp up their output by minimizing overtime with our unique ‘over-staff’ plan that covered absenteeism and other unforeseen labor shortages.


Outsourcing for your start-up or expansion

Whether your ramp-up requires 20 or 2,000 new hires, HTI is equipped to fully manage your project. Discover how our team coordinated and placed 2,300 new associates during a facility expansion.


Supporting you through any project

Our team delivers quality, accountability, and success

Our Start-ups, Training, & Transitions (STAT) team is made up of Project Managers, Project Coordinators, HR Managers, Client Representatives, Recruiters, and problem solvers. Our specialized professionals take on the brunt of training your new temporary workforce and transitioning any existing temporary employees, so you can maintain efficient operations.

Discover how you can leverage an outsourcing partnership to save your business time and money.