Your organization’s biggest asset is your people

Hire confidently with a Predictive Index Partner

Helping you gather the people data you need to hire high performers

Your people and your candidates are complex. Even after a robust recruitment process of resumes, background checks, interviews, and references – it’s hard to fully understand an applicant’s potential.

HTI is a Predictive Index Partner, ready to work with your hiring team to weave the PI assessment into your recruitment and team building efforts.

We work with you to plan your ideal candidate’s behavioral profile and compare applicants – so you find the best cognitive fit. Using a talent optimization platform allows you to build team’s with purpose, find applicants tailored to your positions, and hire confidently.

As a Predictive Index Partner, we use data from cognitive and behavioral assessments

The Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment that determines an individual’s levels of dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality (the main motivational drivers in the workforce). These speak to their habits of collaboration, connection, flexibility, and detail-orientation.

With our data from the PI, we facilitate talent advisory, management and strategy consulting, leadership development and executive coaching to help you build high performing teams.

Ready to hire with confidence?