Understand & align your workforce through data driven insights

Because if you don’t know, you can’t improve

Relying solely on your own perspective is limiting

The attitudes you have towards your organization aren’t typically mirrored by your direct reports and senior staff.

Step outside of your role to embrace a fresh view of your workforce and a new understanding of your employees.

HTI’s Workplace Forensics Report provides a deeper look at your workforce and your company through surveys, interviews, observations and market research.

Our areas of focus

Turnover evaluation

Turnover is a pain point for nearly every organization. And with the average cost of losing just one employee being $15,000 – it’s important to understand why it’s happening. HTI helps you track month-over-month turnover, reasons for departures, and positions that are turnover hotspots.

Wage analysis

Discover the competitiveness of your positions with a detailed pay rate analysis that includes competitors in your area. Our report shares recommendations for wage adjustments and custom plans for your salary bands. To attract and retain talent, you must remain competitive.

Benefits comparison

Balancing the cost and coverage for the ‘right’ benefits package is tricky. How can you take care of your employees while trimming down unnecessary features? Our report compares your benefit offerings to your competition and analyzes the internal approval of your current plan.

Let's look into employee motivations and how they impact productivity

What people look for in their workplace varies throughout their employee journey. While pay & community gets people in the door, motivating factors like sense of achievement & recognition gets them to stay. Find out how your workplace can better support employees during every phase of their careers.

Influencing factors

The basic needs that must be met for employees to be satisfied with their jobs. These include aspects like fair pay, safety, & work relationships and typically drive turnover of new hires.

Motivating factors

These factors contribute to employee drive and enthusiasm. Features like recognition, growth, & organizational confidence are key for more tenured employees to feel satisfied at work.

We meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be

To help you improve, we not only identify challenges and opportunities for your organization, but offer intentional short, mid and long-term solutions to address them.

Our report details internal satisfaction levels, market competitiveness evaluations, and employee engagement assessments.

As we pool our recommendations, feedback is prioritized based on impact and organizational need.

We give you the opportunity to see the bigger picture. Then, you can decide where to concentrate your improvement efforts.

Because if you don’t know, you can’t improve