Small business support

Helping you build, retain, & develop your team

Sourcing the right hires for your team

Whether you need new hires for your office administration, HR professionals, or industry specialists, we help you build the workforce to manage your workload.

Our recruiters are well versed in identifying the necessary requirements needed for each of your positions. From certifications and relevant experience, to interpersonal skills and previous trainings, we are practiced navigators for sourcing certified candidates.

These are just a few positions we specialize in:

  • Accountants & Finance Professionals
  • C-Level Executives
  • Administrative & Executive Assistants
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Call Center

HR support – so you can focus on your business goals

Need some extra hands to help manage your HR requirements? Our team of experts make sure you’re on the right path. From harassment trainings & leadership courses, to audits & consultations, we’ve got you covered.
Harassment training

Harassment can disrupt any business. It can create tension, reduce productivity, and lead to legal challenges in the workplace. Our program is designed to increase participant understanding of harassment, how to prevent it, and what to do when it exists.

Audits & consultations

By outsourcing your audits to HTI, your reviews are handled with expertise & the dedicated focus needed for fruitful, in-depth reporting – not to mention the importance of impartiality when holding a mirror up to your organization.


Understand & align your workforce

Do you know where you stand with your current employees? Our review details your internal satisfaction levels and provides insights & action items. We identify challenges and opportunities for your organization, followed by intentional short, mid, and long-term solutions. So, we can meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

Leadership skills to grow your team

Our client approached HTI focused on organizational development and trusted our experts to create custom strategies for their leaders. Discover how HTI boosted their engagement and collaboration through behavioral assessments, workshops, and personalized coaching.

We have not only learned a lot about ourselves and each other, we’ve learned how to collaborate, innovate, and communicate in ways that utilize our strengths.


Team building courses to enhance productivity

Does your team struggle to manage conflict? Do your teammates feel comfortable sharing their ideas? How does your team support on another during times of stress?

A truly connected team can:

  • Seamlessly delegate projects
  • Create, plan, and execute innovative ideas
  • Masterfully navigate project timelines
  • Challenge each other’s ideas and grow together

Looking to build, develop, and retain your team?