When you partner with HTI’s Career Transition team, you can rest assured that your outgoing employees are in great hands.

How you handle an exiting employee matters.

When a layoff becomes necessary, HTI partners with you to assist during the process and help exiting employees move smoothly through their career transition journey. Whether you’re releasing an individual, a group of employees, or faced with a large shutdown – HTI’s customized Outplacement Programs can help you transition your employees successfully and confidentially.


Outplacement Program Components

Career Counseling
Resume Writing
Job Search Strategies
Social Media Networking
Interview Skills Training
Direct Candidate Marketing


Why HTI?

At HTI, we believe that our personalized approach combined with our years of recruiting knowledge and access to our in-house recruiters and network of HR relationships help the employer and employee move forward as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Each step of our process is tailored around the unique needs and challenges your company faces. Our experience supporting organizations of different sizes and industries has proven that like people, no two situations are alike. Our customized and individualized approach is why HTI has been trusted by companies throughout North America as an outplacement partner since 1999.


The Impact

When a company partners with an outplacement firm, a positive impact can be seen across the board. Morale of remaining employees, employee engagement, quality of product or services, unplanned turnover, legal costs, unemployment costs, and brand image improve within our program. Companies that truly take care of their associates and offer career transition services will undoubtedly attract top talent once they are able to hire again.

Your exiting employees will be supported by our experienced, in-house recruiters and our team of sales professionals, who directly market your associates to our network of HR professionals across all industries. This allows us to be an advocate for your associates, getting their resume moved to the top of the pile and helping them transition to their next roles faster than they would on their own.


The Results

  • Reduction in job search time by 2-3 weeks on average, saving the company unemployment dollars
  • Reduction in litigation costs
  • Reduces stress and anxiety on outbound associates and those left behind
  • Preserves company brand


I have been deeply touched by HTI's level of professionalism, genuine care, and willingness to serve above and beyond any expectation.

Joe Abdo

Plant Manager

When we heard about the Career Transition Program, I knew it would be very beneficial for me. It was a great relief to know there would be someone to show me what needed to be done for me to be successful.

Deborah Yeargin


The Career Transition Team truly cared about me and my personal well-being. They gave me reassurance that everything was going to work out and that I would secure a job that fit my talents.

Chuck Stephens

Logistics Manager

I remember a particular day that I asked my Career Coach if I should start applying for operator jobs. She INSISTED that I continue my technician pursuit, and that I not sell myself short on my abilities. The Career Transition Team did a lot on a daily basis to provide the encouragement and vision of the long-term goal, to complete the transition process.

Marion Sowinski