Frequently Asked Questions


When did you apply? If shorter than 1 month: it may take at least a month after you submitted your application to get a call back. At that time, only the best fit candidates for that position at that time will be called. If longer than one month: go ahead and apply for other jobs we have listed. If originally applied for position is still available, your file will still be available for the recruiters to view (double check to make sure your file is active and resume is uploaded).

Go to this link to find the job you are looking for and apply online.

Contact your most local branch directly. To find the number for that branch, visit our locations page.

Email with your full name and last 4 of your social security number. Someone from HTI will respond to you within 1 business day.

It was not finished and submitted properly. Try to apply again and make sure that you receive a confirmation email for each position you apply to.

Check under the “Job Openings” tab on the home page of our website and search for your location.

When you click under “Job Openings” and choose your field, there will be a search box that asks you to enter in information about the position. Leave the fields blank other than the “location” section. This should pull up all available positions for that location. If too much is entered into the fields, it will filter out all of the jobs.

No, this is the corporate office. The closest office that accepts applications to downtown Greenville is our Mauldin Branch.

The recruiters will contact you to set up an appointment time if the position has not been filled and you are a good fit for the position you applied for.

Your recruiter’s information should be on your orientation paperwork. If you do not have that with you, call the main desk at 864-467-0330 and you can search for your recruiter on our dial by name directory.

We do not actually have availability lists, however you can log into your account and update your information (as well as apply for other positions) to keep your file active in our system.

You can, but you will only have one file in our system. If you are willing to travel for a job you are more than welcome to apply for any position at any location. However, you can apply for all available positions here on our central database.