Compensation package analysis

Evaluating the right benefits and pay for your people

Making sure your people and your business are well taken care of

Are your compensation packages adequately supporting your people?

Trust us, it’s worth the investment. The right package boosts attraction and retention of top talent and with strong salary bands in place – watch your productivity levels boom as your people grow with intention.

HTI analyzes the satisfaction level of your current plan and compares your offerings to your competition – so you remain competitive while protecting your bottom line.

Does your business needs a compensation package analysis?

  • You haven’t assessed your compensation package in 2-3 years
  • You’re experiencing high turnover OR having a hard time filling jobs
  • Your business has faced big changes (outplacement, expansion, merger, etc.)

Helping you craft competitive compensation packages

Extravagant packages could hurt your bottom line.

But cut too many corners and your turnover spikes.

HTI helps you find the right wage adjustments, salary bands, and benefits packages to reach a competitive middle ground that makes sense for your business.

Do your compensation packages help you attract & retain talent?