HR direct hotline service

Build better pathways for feedback with HTI’s access line

Empower your employees, stakeholders, and affiliates to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation – 24/7

Our hotline service creates a protected space for company feedback. So, your people are more comfortable & willing to share their concerns. This boosts your continuous improvement process by efficiently uncovering and resolving issues in a timely & appropriate manner.

While our team manages calls, we share detailed reporting for every concern – so you have the proper tools for further investigation and corrective action. (Should you want us to handle any further in-depth investigations, interpretations, or consulting services stemming from hotline reports, our experts can step in at any time).

HTI’s HR direct hotline provides a 24/7 call center at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house team to field your calls.

Service options

Non-qualified calls

A designated fee for calls that are classified as non-qualified, meaning they are efficiently handled and documented but do not necessitate formal statement taking.

Web (per submission)

An additional service for web-based incident submissions,
providing a different medium for employees who prefer to report online. This includes managing and documenting
online submissions.

Qualified calls

A designated fee for calls fulfilling criteria for significant ethical or compliance concerns, warranting detailed documentation and potential further action. When a call is classified as ‘qualified’, HTI engages directly with the reporting individual to obtain a comprehensive formal statement.

Optional: Spanish service

An optional service available for an additional fee,
providing Spanish language support for calls, ensuring
inclusivity and better communication for Spanish speaking

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