Workplace Strategies

When you invest in your people, your people invest in you.

Do you view your employees as your greatest asset? Each person plays a critical role in your organization – from entry level associates to your most tenured executives. A people-centric culture sets the tone for an engaged and committed workforce.

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Do the same thing, just better.
  • Evaluate best practices vs current state.
  • Explore alternative recruitment and retention methods.
  • Build an engaged and committed workforce.


Be an employer of choice.

In today’s highly competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself among other employers.

Where are you great? Pay? Benefits? Where are your weaknesses? Applicant flow? Turnover?

By answering these questions, we determine a baseline and with a baseline, we begin to measure improvement.

HTI has developed a Workplace Forensics Report, which provides insights and attainable action items to accomplish your goals. Through an in-depth analysis of your current state, we are able to identify your greatest challenges and create opportunities, establishing intentional short, mid and long-term solutions for success.

Where can you be great?

Start-Ups & Expansions
Understanding Values
Continuous Improvement

Professional & Skilled-Hourly Recruiting
Succession Planning
Creative Benefits
Effective Hiring

Intentional Interaction
Project Management
Community Outreach
Industrial Staffing

Workplace Strategies team meeting in a conference room looking at a presentation

If you fail to adapt,
you fail to move forward.

HTI’s team of industry leaders develop processes and practices that build an engaged and committed workforce resulting in long-term performance and profitability.


Areas to explore:

Contract Staffing
Professional Recruiting
Start-Ups & Expansions
Project Management