Workforce Meet Generation Z

· by Alicia Leary

Alicia is the Marketing Team Lead at HTI. She started her career with HTI in 2015 as a Sales Coordinator.
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Now only in elementary school or early high school, Generation Z is soon to enter to the workforce.  This generation was born from 1995-2010 (there is some debate here) with digital media in their DNA. They grew up in a time with war on terror and economic uncertainty.  They use many forms of social media daily, from Tumblr to LinkedIn.

While this constant feeling of connectivity is beneficial at times, Generation Z has a hard time communicating in person. They would much rather have a tough conversation over text or email, rather than confronting someone in person.  Many have personal blogs, where they share much of their life with the internet.  Their vocabularies are littered with acronyms and are constantly in “FOMO” or, “fear of missing out.” If you are anything like me, this sounds exhausting!

For you Modern Family fans, think Alex Dunphy.  Alex is often misunderstood by her parents who wonder why she studies so much and doesn’t have what they consider, “fun.”  Alex’s definition of fun is spending time in coffee shops, having stimulating conversations with her friends while Adele plays softly in the background.  She is dominated by thoughts of college, and has no concept of unsuccessful behavior (Remember when she scored lower than Sanjay Patel and thought her life was over?!).  This is the perfect example of Generation Z.  They are highly motivated, entrepreneurial, and are passionate about personal success.  Gone are the days of being an employee—they want to be the boss from the start.

generation z

Although some of this generation is still in kindergarten, the older group is being compared to the “Silent Generation” of the 1920s-1940s.  Technology aside, they are very cautious about their choices.  They’ve seen recession and job loss strike their parents personally, and they don’t want this to happen to them.

While Generation Z seems hard to relate to at times, they have their strengths. Motivation and sense of urgency are things that everyone looks for in an employee.  Hiring Professionals will have to begin thinking outside of the box to capture these individuals and keep them highly engaged throughout the work day. The entrepreneurial spirit lends them the need to impact others. Give them something to champion where they will see tangible results, and they’ll be happy campers!