Workplace Forensics Report

When you invest in people, people invest in you.

It's more than an employee survey.

HTI’s Workplace Forensics Report is a complete evaluation of your organization using a combination of questionnaires, in-person interviews, and observations to generate a robust, well-rounded analysis of your workplace from HR practices to leadership strategy to employee perception. This tool provides a roadmap of attainable short, mid and long-term solutions for your organization.

  • Stakeholder/Middle Management Survey
  • Market Competitiveness Evaluation
  • Employee Survey
  • Stakeholder Roundtable
  • Workplace Observation
  • Supervisor Roundtable

Our Process

A Roadmap for Success

Once you’ve established a baseline with our Workplace Forensics Report, you can begin to make changes for improvement. Our experienced professionals can walk alongside your team to implement better practices for long-term performance and increased productivity.




Stop fixing employee turnover with band-aids. Move towards workplace wellness with HTI.

Do you view your employees as your greatest asset? Each person plays a critical role in your organization – from entry level employees to your most tenured executives. A people-centric culture sets the tone for an engaged and committed workforce.