Wellness Works

· by Alicia Leary

Alicia is the Marketing Team Lead at HTI. She started her career with HTI in 2015 as a Sales Coordinator.
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It has certainly been a full and exciting year here at HTI, keeping us busy across all divisions and functions. As a natural occurrence during these ebbs and flows, priorities tend to shift to manage what is urgent in the moment. Something special about HTI is that even during our busiest seasons, we refuse to neglect our efforts in improving company culture. The HTI Wellness Team began in 2010, but has recently made a resurgence after a two year hiatus. HTI Wellness is back, stronger than ever, and focused on creating opportunities to improve mental, emotional, and physical wellness for all of our employees.

As a whole, Human Technologies is stocked with active people. They spend their free time cycling Paris Mountain, training for a triathlon, kickboxing, practicing yoga, playing in kickball leagues, and going for walks with their dogs. Our active employees are a “go to” source of knowledge if you are considering delving into a new sport or learning the type of gear you need to buy or borrow.  With this in mind, reviving the Wellness Team not only made sense, but it works. Why not integrate into the workplace a characteristic that is already a part of the employee?

The Wellness Team recognizes the growing epidemic of preventable chronic diseases that are lifestyle-related – heart disease, COPD, diabetes, just to name a few. By implementing fitness and wellness programs, and promoting healthy options in the office, these lifestyle-related issues can be minimized and reduce illness, sick days, and medical claims. The benefits are endless.

Human Technologies Wellness Team is having their official kick off at the American Heart Association Heart Walk on April 11th in Downtown Greenville. A company Wellness Team is just one of the many positive catalysts toward organizational health and it makes HTI just that much better!