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HTI job mobile

Always en route to recruit.

Acting as a mobile version of one of our branch offices, The HTI Job Mobile extends our recruiting capabilities beyond our physical locations to make the job search more convenient for job-seekers as well as offers employers on-site candidate screening support.

Features that drive home success

On-site support

There are always HTI staff members available to welcome and assist job seekers during the application and hiring processes.

Application workstations

Equipped with 6 application workstations, applicants are able to submit a digital application for faster and more accurate screenings.

Interior restrooms

This center has an interior restroom for on-site drug screening; just another way that we are streamlining the hiring process.

Wifi connectivity

WiFi connectivity gives applicants the ability to complete online applications, as well as go through orientation.

Private interview space

A private, instant-interview space is available for applicants that have successfully completed the application process.

Temperature controlled environment

Just like being in one of our branch offices, we want to make sure you are comfortable during your experience.

Why go mobile?

Years ago, our CEO envisioned a way to help both our candidates and employers in a way that provided convenience and personal service at a level unseen in the Upstate. A mobile solution to recruiting was born in a quest to reach candidates that could not access their local employment branches or potential employers because of conflicting working hours and/or transportation limitations.  Employers were missing out on qualified candidates, and job seekers were trapped in positions that didn’t fit their personal needs.


“HTI’s commitment to recruitment extends to reaching people throughout the Upstate. The best way to do that was to figure out how to get to them instead of having them come to us. Our Job Mobile finalizes a concept that we had several years ago about how we can reach all potential employees in the Upstate. We’re excited to be able to start that dream.”

Herb Dew, CEO

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Making the dream a reality.

The Job Mobile embodies the HTI “Why” in groundbreaking ways that are uniquely tailored to the needs of our employers and candidates. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bridge the gap between employers and applicants; because here at HTI, we like the work, but we love the people.

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