HTI CEO Herb Dew Interviewed by Upstate SC Alliance

· by Alicia Leary

Alicia is the Marketing Team Lead at HTI. She started her career with HTI in 2015 as a Sales Coordinator.
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Upstate SC Alliance is an incredible organization based here in the Upstate of South Carolina. They focus on helping companies learn more about expanding or planting their business in the Upstate. Recently, our CEO Herb Dew met with them to discuss our thriving business community as part of their #TeamUpstate campaign.


In the interview, Herb points out strengths of Upstate SC that set us apart from other regions in the Southeast:

  • We invest in and understand the need for skilled labor and work to develop it.
  • The upstate is powered by mid-size companies that are open to new ideas.
  • Our region is able to maintain a strong sense of balance. “We have the resources, both human and natural, to draw people and businesses in and give them just what they need.”
  • We are redefining the Upstate economy and are a strong choice for a business to move their operations here regardless of what sector they are in.

In addition, Herb discusses what businesses can do to appeal top talent and connect with the current workforce. On connecting with workers between the ages of 22 to 35, he notes that “once you attract your ideal candidate, this generation can be very loyal and unlikely to leave if you connect with them. Authenticity and a well-defined mission make that happen.” As leaders begin to emerge from that generation in the Upstate, retaining and developing them will be critical.

Lastly, Herb highlights the importance of growing the Upstate collaboratively. “If the community understands that we’re shooting for growth and aiming to be unselfish in that intent, everyone benefits. It’s a win all around, and it feels like we understand that quite well.

For the full interview, view the post on the Upstate SC Alliance Blog.

Here is a video preview of the interview: