Stop the Spread: COVID-19 Return to Work Safety Tips

· by Alicia Leary

Alicia is the Marketing Team Lead at HTI. She started her career with HTI in 2015 as a Sales Coordinator.
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stop the spread, United States Department of Health and Human Services / Public domain

As facilities begin to return to full operations, it will be important to implement new safety standards and strategies to stop the spread of COVID-19 at your facility and protect the health of employees.


Here are some tips and ideas to consider including in your safety strategy to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your facility:

  • Consider staggering shift start/end time to avoid face to face encounters during shift change.
  • When equipment is shared, require employees to properly disinfect according to your disinfection protocol.
  • Stagger breaks to allow time to disinfect common areas and encourage social distancing.
  • Take steps to avoid new workers compensation issues – consider conducting additional virtual safety training for employees.
  • Install additional hand sanitizer dispensers in common areas.
  • Consider developing a plan to monitor symptoms of employees as they enter the facility.
  • If making disinfectant solution of bleach and water, make a new batch daily. (Bleach degrades rapidly when mixed with water and in the presence of light).
  • Keep main doors open during shift change to avoid contact when possible.
  • Prevent employees from sitting directly across from each other.
  • Consider additional PPE (face, respiratory, and clothing protection) depending on job functions.
  • Prop restroom doors open to avoid contact by employees when possible.
  • Food service personnel should wear approved masks and gloves when serving in cafeterias.
  • Minimize need for touching shared items in break room such as refrigerators and vending machines.


Safety is a top priority at HTI, and we always try to share innovative safety ideas with our clients, especially at this unprecedented time. Implementing these ideas can help stop the spread of COVID-19 at your facility. Always consult with your qualified safety professional regarding mitigation efforts at your facility. Contact HTI Manager of Safety and Risk Bill Oeffinger with any questions.