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Another New Record for SC Employment

“Nearly everyone who entered the labor force in March found work, setting a new employment record for the state.

The total number of people working in South Carolina in March increased to 2,229,599, the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce announced. That is an increase of 9,539 from last month. The number of unemployed went up by 224 people from last month making the total 103,587.  The labor force rose by 9,763 people to 2,333,186.

‘The fact that nearly everyone entering the labor force in March found work is truly a testament to how robust the economy is in South Carolina. Businesses are deciding South Carolina is where they want to grow and expand and, therefore, are in need of our number one resource – our people. And in turn, more and more people are feeling confident and optimistic about the opportunities available to them as they return to the workforce,’ said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce.”


For more information, view the full article from Columbia Regional Business Report.