Helping employees create strategies for their future

When a reduction in force becomes necessary, HTI Organizational Solutions responds as a partner to assist you during the process and help your team members move smoothly through the career transition process. Our services provide assistance to all levels within an organization, including:
executives, mid-level managers, and hourly associates.


Our Services

An Individualized Approach

HTI has been trusted by organizations throughout North America as an outplacement partner since 1999. Our experience supporting organizations of various sizes and industries has proven that like people, no two situations are alike. That’s why each step of our process is customized around the unique needs and challenges your organization faces. We believe that our individualized approach is key in helping all involved move forward as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

HR Consulting

  • Reduction in Force Planning
  • WARN Act Assistance
  • Announcement Strategy
  • Retention Planning

Career Transitions

  • Resume Building
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Job Search Assistance

Benefits of Career Transitional Services

When your current workforce sees a smooth transition ahead, morale improves because employees aren’t working under a dark cloud of fear.

Your company will gain higher regard in the community and media, which leads to more qualified future job candidates. Companies who use our Career Transition Services see a decrease in costly litigation, and the outgoing employee who is treated compassionately will always be grateful. When you partner with HTI’s Career Transition Services, you can rest assured that your outgoing employees are in great hands. Our mission is to see them succeed.



How it works

HTI acts as a seamless partner to ensure your outgoing employees have a smooth transition. We have the programs, people and measurement systems to help everyone involved.

Your assigned Career Transition Team will guide you and your staff through one-on-one strategy development sessions, group training workshops, resume development and more. Our relationship with outgoing employees begins on your premises, where we’ll give them an overview of how we will help them succeed through developing new employment opportunities or provide training and counseling. We build our process around each candidate, enabling them to reach their highest potential.

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