Career Transition Services


Facing a Workforce Reduction?

When a reduction in workforce becomes necessary, HTI partners with you to assist during the process and help associates move smoothly through their career transition journey. Whether you’re releasing an individual, a group of associates, or faced with a large plant shutdown – HTI’s customized Career Transition Services can meet your needs.

Customized Programs with a Personal Touch

HTI’s Career Transition Services begin with building a relationship with both you and the outgoing employee to understand the needs and create an individualized program to help everyone involved. Our services are designed to assist all levels of your organization including executives, mid-level managers, and hourly associates.

Karen Howard

HTI Career Transition Specialist

How It Works

Your assigned Career Transition Team will guide you and your staff through one-on-one strategy development sessions, group training workshops, resume development, and more.

Our relationship with outgoing employees  begins on your premises, where we’ll give them an overview of how we will help them succeed through developing new employment opportunities or provide training and counseling. We build  our process around each associate, enabling  them to reach their highest potential.

HR Consulting

  • Reduction in Force Planning
  • WARN Act Assistance
  • Announcement Strategy
  • Retention Planning

Program Components

  • Resume Building
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Individual & Group Counseling

Program Benefits

Your company will gain higher regard in the community and media, which leads to more qualified job candidates in the future. Companies who use our Career Transition Services see a decrease in costly litigation, and the outgoing employee who is treated compassionately will always be grateful.

When you partner with HTI’s Career Transition services, you can rest assured that your outgoing employees are in great hands.

When your workforce sees a smooth transition ahead, morale improves because employees aren’t working under a dark cloud of fear.

Why HTI?

Each step of our process is customized around the unique needs and challenges your organization faces. Our experience supporting organizations of various sizes and industries has proven that like people, no two situations are alike. Our individualized and personal approach is why HTI has been trusted by organizations throughout North America as an outplacement partner since 1999.

We believe that our individualized approach is key in helping all involved move forward as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

HTI’s Career Transition Process didn’t just alleviate my fears and concerns, they made them vanish! Suddenly, I was seeing this not as my worst nightmare, but as an amazing opportunity…HTI found my dream job!

Pam Sullivan, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

It is well worth going through every step of the HTI career transition process…I’m so grateful for all of the services that have been put forth to help me.

David Clardy, Manufacturing Engineer

I have been deeply touched by HTI’s level of professionalism, genuine care, and willingness to serve above and beyond any expectation.

Joe Abdo, Plant Manager

When we heard about the career transition program, I knew it would be very beneficial for me. It was a great relief to know there would be someone to show me what needed to be done for me to be successful.

Deborah Yeargin, Operator

The career transition team truly cared about me and my personal well-being. They gave me reassurance that everything was going to work out and that I would secure a job that fits my talents.

Chuck Stephens, Logistics Manager

I remember a particular day that I asked my career coach if I should start applying for operator jobs. She INSISTED that I continue my technician pursuit, and that I not sell myself short on my abilities. The career transition team did a lot on a daily basis to provide the encouragement, and vision of the long-term goal, to complete the transition process.

Marian Sowinski, Technician

HTI provided strategic project timing. This gave me traction to take steps to be productive and efficient regarding my job search and placement.

Steve Pugh, Senior Buyer

My career coach's sage advice always reiterated the trust and genuine concern for helping place me- not only to a good fit position-wise, but also with a company that shares the same values.

Deonn Baker, Director of Digital Marketing
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