Empower your biggest asset - your people.

Build a talent strategy that works.

HTI knows the workplace. We began as a professional recruiting firm in 1999. Since then, we’ve come to realize that it’s not just about filling jobs – it’s about  people. It’s about creating intention throughout an employee’s lifecycle. From how your organization is perceived by the community, to your onboarding process, talent development and succession planning – we know the workplace and we know people. As an HR organization, we specialize in partnering with employers to attract and retain top talent.


Candidates have the power now. Convincing people to work for us is key. Pay, culture, word of mouth, benefits [and] work-life balance will all be critical. We need to prove how we’re better to work for than any other company even though we can’t always offer the highest pay. Non-monetary perks will be more important than ever.

Recruiting in 2022


Do any of these hit home?

People Quit Managers

Do your front-line leaders understand their significant impact on employee retention?

Streamline Your Onboarding

Does it feel like you're constantly onboarding but making limited progress on labor needs?

Attract & Hire Efficiently

Does the balance of hiring the best people as fast as you can have you stumbling?

Move The Needle

Do you see the needs of your organization but don't know where to start?

Everyone’s talent strategy is different.

Our ultimate goal is to help you attract and retain top talent. We realize that you may have a need outside of achieving your big picture goals as an employer and we’ve got the people and practices to help you do that. Some of the areas we can help you include:


Hiring Events
Professional Recruiting
Contract Staffing
HR Consulting
Project Management
Start-ups & Expansions

Industry News & Expert Insights

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