National Staffing Employee Week 2020

· by Mariah Ramirez

Mariah is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at HTI. She joined the HTI team in 2018.
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National Staffing Employee Week celebrates the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. staffing agencies each week, according to the ASA.

In the spirit of celebrating the people that make us who we are, we have compiled highlights of Staffing Stars from many of our locations. A sincere thank you and a big round of applause to all of our employees for giving us the satisfaction of helping others find work, especially during these trying times.


Joseph Nelson – Michelin US7 in Lexington, SC

HTI staffing star joseph nelson

His colleagues had this to say when they nominated Joseph.
“Joseph runs the stripping post. He is the gold standard for that post. He works safely and the quality of his work is second to none! Joseph has become an authority at the stripping post – one that everyone turns to for advice and ideas on running the post. He is an outstanding example of a ‘shining star’ for HTI’s workforce!”


Lisa Estes – Robert Bosch in Anderson, SC

HTI Staffing Star Lisa Estes

In her nomination her colleagues said, “Since we lost our last Tugger 2 operator, Lisa has stepped up to help keep Knox and PM running, all while still doing her job. She is a true team player. She goes out of her way to help us all ensure we keep things moving.”


Andy Nicholson – Michelin US8 in Starr, SC

HTI Staffing Star Andy Nicholson

Andy’s HTI on-site representative said, “Andy is always willing to go the extra mile for us at US8. He is an outstanding team player and often works over and on days off to help with other crews. We appreciate him very much, he is a VIP on the HTI Michelin US8 Team.”


Roshawnda Pryor – Borgwarner Bellwood, IL

HTI Staffing Star Roshawnda Pryor

The plant manager at Borgwarner said, “Ro started on our glue line in August of 2018 and progressed to a bonding operator last September. She always steps in and helps the team cover understaffed areas. Ro is one of those employees who is always working OT and we need to remind that it’s OK to take a day off. The quote she shared is ‘When you focus on the good the good gets better.’ She also says to remain humble.”


Sara Dilella – Bosch Rexroth Fountain Inn, SC

HTI Staffing Star Sara Dilella

The HTI Rexroth Site Lead said, “Sara Dilella has been with HTI at Bosch Rexroth since 10/22/2018. Sara is an outstanding associate. She shows up daily and works overtime whenever needed. She has showed leadership skills in her willingness to take on extra job duties when needed. Sara has shown her commitment by stepping up to run the shift when no team lead is present. She consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her. This drive will make her a good leader for the future.

With almost 2 years with HTI on the same assignment, I’m happy to be nominating Sara in her final weeks with HTI as she will be a full time Bosch Rexroth associate as of October. Sara, it’s been a pleasure having you as an shining star associate. Keep striving and working hard, and you’ll accomplish great things.”


Alyssa Fant – Borgwarner Seneca, SC

HTI Staffing Star Alyssa Fant

When the Area Leader was asked about Alyssa he said, “She is the definition of what is wanted out of an HTI associate. She comes to work everyday on time and is ready to work – never gives any lip just does as she is asked and excels in every job we place her in. We need more like her.”


Dereco Hill – Chomarat Anderson, SC

HTI Staffing Star Dereco Hill

“Dereco is a former employee who has returned through HTI to fill a void created by another team member on leave. He has shown himself to be capable and versatile many times in his employment, and this was just another opportunity for him to show us his ability to adjust to any job. He is a valuable resource for our team and great to work with!” – HR Manager Chomarat, Melinda Williams


Justin Cade – Chomarat Anderson, SC

HTI Staffing Star Justin Cade

“Justin is a college student, who works as needed to help our Business offices.  He is a valuable resource to our company, which can be left in a deficit when work volume fluctuates or someone is on leave.  Justin has helped in HR, Accounting and Manufacturing, using various software programs and has been a great asset to us with his flexibility and skills.” – HR Manager Chomarat, Melinda Williams


Rozetta Bonds – Plastic Omnium Chattanooga, TN

HTI Staffing Star Rozetta Bonds

Our HTI manager had this to say about Rozetta:

“Although Rozetta has only been with HTI a short time, she has demonstrated the true meaning of satisfaction in our jobs of putting fantastic talent to work in these hard and uncertain times! Rozetta knows more than just the procedures of her job and what is required. She notices what is going on around her and she is always ready to pitch in for her team. Rozetta has formed great relationships with her co-workers and is great asset to the HTI Team @ Plastic Omnium. She has adaptability and possesses a positive attitude even when things get tough. Rozetta is a dependable person and always ready to learn and grow. We thank her for all that she does and appreciate her hard work and devotion.”


Stephan Thomas – Plastic Omnium Chattanooga, TN

HTI Staffing Star Stephan Thomas

The Plastic Omnium Injection Molding Production Coordinator had this to say about Stephan:

“Stephan is a team player, always does whatever is asked of him, and never complains. If the team is short on personnel on another shift, he is always the first one I call to come in and work extra. He is a fantastic employee and I wish others were more like him!”


Reginald Allen – Electrolux Anderson, SC

HTI Staffing Star Reginald Allen

The HTI On-site supervisor said, “Within his first few months as a temporary associate, management recognized his hard work and positive attitude.  His supervisor stated he, ‘wished he had 100 Reginalds!’ Reginald has now been hired on at Electrolux!”