What’s a full service staffing provider?

· by Caitlin Cullen

Caitlin is a Marketing Strategy Specialist at HTI. She has been with HTI since 2016.
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HTI is a full service staffing provider for manufacturers.

So, what exactly does full service staffing provider mean?

Through targeted solutions, in-depth analysis, and groundbreaking innovation, HTI creates custom solutions that ultimately increase your productivity and impact your bottom line. Our people drive everything that we do and are committed to providing you with the highest level of service every day. Because of our passion for people, we take pride in our hiring processes to ensure you get the right people for the job.

HTI has a lot to offer, but you be the judge. Take a quick look at our five service lines and find out how HTI can help you!


Industrial Staffing

We’ve got you covered for all of your contingent worker needs. From temporary to direct hire staffing, across multiple entry level positions, we staff for short term and long term projects.


Professional Recruiting

HTI began as a professional technical staffing provider, and this remains at our core. Our recruiting specialists provide creatively sourced, screened, qualified candidates that meet or beat specifications.



Facing a reduction in force? At HTI, we believe how you handle an exiting employee matters. Because we’re your partner, we assist your company through the process and help employees transition successfully.


3rd Party Manufacturing

Spend less time on ancillary functions, and capitalize on your valuable time. HTI manages the staffing and supervision of employees in outsourced areas of your facility, so that you can focus on your core competencies. Time is money!


Plant Start-ups & Expansions

Streamline the complexities of your small expansion or greenfield start-up. From hiring to reporting to process management, HTI can build a plan to ensure your project is successful. 



We believe it’s critical to have the right partner for your project and have the right people to fill your jobs.

Now that’s what I call full service! We’d love to hear about your hiring needs and upcoming projects. As a result, HTI can create a custom staffing solution just for you. Contact sales@htijobs.com today.