Federal Government Spending

· by Herb Dew

Herb is the CEO of HTI. He founded HTI in 1999 along with John Knight and David Sewell, and remains heavily involved in the organization today.
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I typically would not blog about a national political issue, such as government spending, because I don’t present my experience as being strong enough to speak about such things formally. I have been watching the discussions/arguments closely and I am concerned about what all this means for our country and economy.

Last week a group of your house members from SC made a courageous stand on their principles. I think we all know that the deals being discussed now by both sides do not FIX our fundamental spending problem as a nation and place ourselves on good footing. The choices become HARDER and HARDER as we kick the can down the road. And yet, several house Freshman “get that” and are choosing to stand strong in the face of great pressure.

Increasing the spending cap and reducing the budget 10 years out is not fixing the problem. Most Americans know that Social Security and Medicaid have GOT to be tackled. The baseline budget has got to be tightened so sharply that programs not essential will need to be cut. But politicians are afraid to say these things in fear of “fear mongering”. When will our leaders show some backbone and state what needs to be done? Paul Ryan tried in the house but Democrats claimed he was attacking Social Security. Fear Mongering. President Obama had a bi-partisan commission that came back with some TOUGH recommendations. But these were ignored.

I’ll bet a bill passes this week that extends past the next election and saves NOTHING significant. Both sides will claim victory, and this fight will be fought 2-3 years down the road rather than now. Remember footage of Greece? Imagine the impact of a DEEPLY bankrupted USA on the world. Remember the lack of courage now when this fight is fought later.

I miss politicians with courage. But I see flashes of it with many of South Carolina’s politicians, although a minority. Senator Demint has been a voice in the dark. Our Freshman Senators have been strong. Thanks guys. Keep up the fight!

Herb Dew