We help you get better.

Sometimes HR training feels like handing out fish, when you could be teaching your team how to fish for themselves.

At HTI, we offer a wide range of training modules and testing tools. They’re just what you need to help your team realize their potential in the workplace—and to make your own job easier.


About our services


The key to a successful HR program isn’t always what people know, but what they’re willing to learn. We offer a variety of training modules and testing tools to help your company and anyone involved make the most of a given situation.

Training tools include:

  • Union avoidance training
  • Job selection guides
  • Succession planning
  • Best practice recruiting and hiring systems
  • Diversity hiring programs
  • Team building
  • Candidate assessment tools
  • Compensation surveys
  • Training workshops focused on legal interviewing, succession planning and executive compensation
professional recruiting

Managed Candidate Development

Human Technologies offers a unique, cost-effective program for clients who simply need the identification of candidates but choose to manage the screening and selection processes internally.

Candidate Development program includes:

  • Job Fairs
  • Co-ops
  • Internet Assistant Programs