TIME Logistics consulting…in half the time.

The Challenge.
An indoor climate controlled equipment manufacturer was approximately 6 weeks behind in shipping to customers during their busiest season.

Our Solution.
HTI traveled to the facility to assess their needs and discovered 2 sides to their shipping process: commercial & residential.

HTI implemented a plan to ship commercial 2 days a week and residential 2 days a week, which eliminated the backlog on a large commercial project.  In addition, a wall to wall inventory of the warehouse was taken.  Daily meetings were implemented to facilitate better communication, identify problems and explain new corrective actions, detail shipping priority, and give progress reports on shipping backlogs.

The Results.

  • Within 2 weeks, a 4 month backlog was shipping 2 days ahead of schedule
  • Reduced call center customer complaints by almost 50%
  • Tracked late shipments and took corrective actions
  • Controlled loss of business with improved shipping












SPACE – Warehouse Relocation

The Challenge.
A manufacturing company consolidated their logistics and shipping operations from two facilities into one with the help of a 3PL provider. After outsourcing, the 3PL couldn’t find material and was missing shipments to customers.

They asked HTI to help establish a new warehouse and logistics operation close to their facility that they would operate themselves.

Our Solution.
HTI created a 4 month project timeline that included finding a new warehouse, designing/purchasing/installing new storage and movement equipment, and training a new workforce.

HTI discovered an efficient way to utilize the space by slotting the material by product group and picking frequency, which helped minimize picking and put away times.

In less than a week, HTI helped move all the material from one warehouse to another, including coordinating the movement of the larger racking.

The Results.

  • First shipment went on time as promised to customers
  • Customer had a showcase warehouse facility
  • Past due shipments drastically decreased
  • Delivery performance improved to levels never achieved by the previous 3PL

ved by the previous 3PL

MONEY – Million Dollar Savings

The Challenge.
In 2016, HTI met with a valued customer that was looking for ways to creatively reduce the cost of their workforce without sacrificing quality or output.

 Our Solution.
HTI and the client analyzed the cost of jobs being performed in non-core positions. After careful consideration, the client decided to restructure the allocation of their internal talent and outsource certain job classifications to HTI.

 The Results.

  • Meeting output demand at 72% of approved headcount
  • Outperforming overtime target by 85%
  • Reallocating, not reducing – More tenured employees were moved to positions that align with their pay grade and skill set, freeing up non-core, entry-level positions filled by HTI