Save with HTI

In 2016, HTI met with a valued customer that was looking for ways to creatively reduce the cost of their workforce without sacrificing quality or output.

HTI and the client analyzed the cost of jobs being performed in non-core positions. After careful consideration, the client decided to restructure the allocation of their internal talent and outsource certain job classifications to HTI.


Proven Results

Meeting output demand at 72% of approved headcount
Because HTI is responsible for output, we are able to maintain productivity with less headcount due to our dedicated supervision. Plus, this allows supervisors previously working in non-core areas to focus on value-add projects.
Outperforming overtime target by 85%
HTI ensures every post is filled where we are responsible for output. Maintaining a pipeline of trained and qualified associates decreased the overtime previously needed to cover demand caused by open positions.
Reallocating, not reducing
More tenured employees were moved to positions that align with their pay grade and skill set, freeing up non-core, entry-level positions to be filled by HTI.


The Bottom Line

HTI saves this client $1 million annually. How much can we save you?


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