Unique companies require unique HR solutions

HTI Organizational Solutions supports businesses of all sizes through various HR challenges. Whether you are in need of occasional HR support or wish to fully outsource those duties, our team of experienced HR professionals takes the time to get to know your unique business challenges and deliver solutions that help you and your business succeed.

We provide the tools needed to best manage your HR policies and procedures. We also offer our consulting services on retention, so that you can focus on running your business.

Training Development

Succession Planning


Partner with us to accelerate the growth of your high potential team members.

An effective succession plan has never been more critical for sustained organizational success. Change can shake the foundation of your organization, impacting employee morale and productivity. Having a succession plan in place will help ensure stability and sustain performance through transitions in leadership—whether the change is anticipated or not.

HTI Organizational Solutions partners with companies across multiple industries to help identify high potential employees and develop a plan to help accelerate the development of succession candidates at all levels within your organization.


Effective Onboarding

Now that you’ve hired the right people, it is equally important to successfully integrate them into your organization. An effective process provides new hires with the key resources needed to feel welcome and engage as quickly and smoothly as possible, so they are able to contribute to the company’s overall success.

Let us help you design the process to equip your new hires with the necessary tools needed to succeed.


Performance Management

Promoting effective performance on all levels directly impacts the success of your organization. If you are having performance challenges with front line team members, middle managers, or senior leaders, we can assist in understanding the origin of those challenges and proactively move performance in a positive direction.

Whether you wish to modify your existing performance management system or establish a new one, we also assist in the development of performance feedback tools including traditional methods as well as interactive continual feedback tools.

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Employee Relations and Investigations

When it comes to employee relations and investigations, it is imperative for HR to move swiftly and thoroughly. However, conducting investigations require extensive time and attention that many HR professionals do not have an abundance of.

When challenging situations arise, we partner with you to fully understand the situation at hand and assist in resolving your complex employee relations issues in the most effective and efficient manner, with the least amount of disruption to the work environment.