Employee Surveys: Measuring Satisfaction, Safety and Engagement

· by Stacia Fields

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Here at HTI, it’s important to us to receive regular feedback on how we are performing- not only from our customers, but also our employees. It is said that employees are the most expensive asset a company has, so why would a company stop investing time into an employee once new hire training is completed? Conducting employee surveys is one way to capture information that can be utilized to benefit the company, while applying the results to retain employees.

During the month of March, HTI’s Human Resources Department sent out an employee survey to the hourly workforce by email and answers were received anonymously. The survey responses showed good participation across our 12 branch locations and measured employee satisfaction, safety, and engagement. HTI plans to use the employee survey results as a tool to continually improve our services to our employees, to increase engagement in our employee relations events, and to benchmark the results for comparison with future surveys.

Studies show that employee engagement and company performance can be closely tied to one another. An increase in engagement can mean a boost in production and profitability for the company. Consider hosting an anonymous employee survey at your facility by breaking down points of interest that could help you narrow down areas that need improved upon to help increase your productivity. In addition, ask questions that cover a few topics like attendance, communication, safety, training, and engagement. Have a team to review and track the responses and create a plan of action after reviewing areas of improvement. By doing these simple steps, you will have success on your hand, happier and more tenured employees, and a more productive work place.