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CNC Machinist working in a direct hire role while operating a machine in a manufacturing facility

Find Your Perfect Direct Hire Career Match

HTI offers direct hire CNC Machinist positions to suit everyone. By partnering with a diverse array of employers in the manufacturing industry, we help you find direct hire positions with the perfect company match. With various shift hours and schedules available, you have the flexibility to choose what works best for your lifestyle.

Our mission is to collaborate with employers who genuinely care about their teams. Every day, we strive to create direct hire opportunities where you can make a meaningful impact.

Hiring Process

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The first step in the hiring process is to apply!

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If you are a fit for one of our job openings, a recruiter will contact you for further screening. You would then be set up to interview with the employer to which you are applying, if applicable.

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Once pre-selected, you will be subject to a background check and drug screening. You would then be eligible to continue with onboarding and orientation. Additional, site-specific onboarding and orientation varies by location and job.

CNC Machinist Q's & A's

What are the job responsibilities?

CNC machinists are skilled employees that work with computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment. They operate machinery that is designed for the production of parts, tools, and components from a wide variety of materials, including metal and plastic. CNC machinists are typically responsible for the setup and operation of CNC machinery.

What are the average pay-rates?

Depending on the level of experience needed and skills required, CNC Machinists can earn anywhere from $20 – $30 per hour.

Where can these kind of positions be found?

Most CNC Machinist work in high volume production/manufacturing environments however there are also smaller organization, typically referred to as “Job Shops” that will higher machinist for lower volume, highly specific manufacturing work.

Where can I get the certifications/degree I need?

Typically – local technical colleges will offer opportunities for certifications and degrees in the field of CNC Machining.  Generally, degrees are earned in Machine Tool Technology.  In certain areas, High School Career Centers will also offer classes to advance technical skills for careers or additional education.

How long is the average work week?

CNC Machinists can expect to work anywhere from 40 – 50 hours per week.

CNC machinists are at the forefront of our innovation, turning ideas into reality with unmatched precision and skill. They are pivotal in shaping the future of technology and manufacturing.

- Bosch