5 Tips for Successful Employee Relations and a Productive Workforce

· by Lindsay Hunter

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Employee Relations is a hot button topic these days. With new generations entering the workforce and our ever changing economy, it seems that retaining talent has become quite the challenge. So what do you do to keep people not only coming to work, but productive and happy? Here are a few tips:

1. Communicate

You are probably thinking that this means constantly and consistently communicating important information to your employees. While that thought is not entirely incorrect, something important is missing. A very vital piece of the communication process is listening. You need to create an avenue for your employees to talk and for you to do nothing but listen. If you’re not listening to your employees, there is no way to know what it is they really want, and therefore you Employee Relations plan is likely to be unimpressive no matter how big the budget. Find out what your employees feel they are lacking. Round tables are a great way to accomplish this with a larger group, whereas one on one conversations may be more effective in smaller, more close-knit environments.

2. Share the Vision

Now that you’ve gotten feedback from your employees and you understand what it is that they want, make sure that they know what it is the company wants. Let them know what the future holds and how they can help. It is important that not only does Senior Leadership get involved, but that everyone understands how their role is helping to make the overall vision a reality.

3. Give them Resources

So your employees have shared their ideas and you’ve laid out the company’s expectations… What now? Give them the resources they need to be successful. They’ve told you what they need and based on how you expect them to contribute, ensure that they are not being held back from being as successful as possible. Be a wealth of information. If you can’t provide the information/resources yourself, be the bridge that gets to where they need to be. Take away obstacles and clear their path.

4. Motivate

Motivate your team! Some teams respond well to a competitive environment and others may prefer individual incentives. These are great ways to motivate a group in the short term, but to keep things moving forward put things in place that will inspire your team regularly. Be positive. Make it a part of the culture. Support new and innovative ideas, give challenging tasks, and encourage creativity and collaboration. By doing these things you will empower the individuals on your team and help them to see their own value. Not only will they want to succeed, but they will.

5. Lead by Example

As a leader, your day to day actions will either inspire your team or promote behavior that could be detrimental to its success. By demonstrating, and not just communicating, the message to your team, you will be not only strengthening the message itself, but also strengthening your influence as a leader. In order for any Employee Relations plan to be effective it must be clear to the group that you are just as dedicated as you want them to be. Adopt a higher standard and your team will follow suit.

Ultimately, the more involved you are and the better example you set, the more likely your team is to be successful. Strong employee relations can not only improve employee morale but also help with your company’s retention of its best employees. Putting in the effort on your end, as the HR leader, will improve Employee Relations company-wide and push your team to the best version of itself.


About the Author

Lindsay Hunter is the Manager of Operations at HTI Employment Solutions in Chattanooga, TN. She recently moved to Chattanooga from Greenville, SC with her husband. She is very active with the Chattanooga chamber and local events around town! If you have any questions on jobs in Chattanooga visit our branch page here.