Retaining Employees by Focusing on These 5 Areas (INFOGRAPHIC)

· by Mariah Ramirez

Mariah is the Senior Marketing Coordinator at HTI. She joined the HTI team in 2018.
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HR Professionals consistently list Retaining Employees as one of their top challenges. Thus, the inspiration for this infographic.

Consider it a guide to cultivating a workplace environment in which HR professionals & organizational leaders can nurture their employees & help them grow. That’s the goal for retaining employees isn’t it? The key to retaining your best talent and reducing turnover lies far beyond monetary compensation. This infographic focuses on the 5 following areas:

  1. Health & Wellness Opportunities
  2. Management Training
  3. Vacation & PTO
  4. 401K & Wealth Opportunities
  5. Effective Onboarding

Scroll down to view the full infographic.

5 main focus areas to improve employee retention HTI infographic