2019 Manufacturing Day

· by Julie Blackmon

Julie is one of our Career Transition Coaches in our Outplacement group. She brings over 10 years of recruiting experience to her role. Julie has been with HTI since 2011.
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Manufacturing Day was established on October 4th in 2012 as a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

Manufacturing has developed into a high tech, highly skilled industry, but often fights the stigma of being manual and dirty. Modern manufacturing is working to change those perceptions by connecting prospective workers with manufacturing facilities. They aim to provide tours, host events, and give out information about their company.

Events are open to students, parents and educators in an effort to increase interest in future manufacturing careers. If current trends continue, the skills gap between manufacturing employers and employees grow as well. Events are available throughout the month of October. Browse their calendar and search for upcoming events in your city.

HTI knows firsthand the skills gap between the market and our clients.

In 2011, we established a subset of our company to exclusively recruit skilled hourly individuals. The market for skilled hourly labor is tight and getting tighter. With an increased emphasis on college education, high school students often look first to university studies before technical schools and trade & apprenticeship programs.

Rather than looking exclusively at a college track, we highly recommend that high school graduates consider all options of employment.

Technical school programs are typically shorter and less expensive than a 4 year college. Also, often times students receive opportunities to work throughout their schooling. Maintaining a part time job or apprenticeship program in order to start earning money and building a resume of hands-on-experience is more manageable with a technical school program as well.

As a company that highly values manufacturing, we join in the celebration of our manufacturing partners on the heels of Manufacturing day! Congratulations to you!

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